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The blog we started at the Moderna galerija is meant for all interested in contemporary issues related to art, theory, philosophy and other humanistic sciences.

Talks and lectures from our archives will be published on a regular basis accompanied by corresponding literature. In addition to the selected talk from our archives another talk by an author addressing similar issues will be recommended, opening up different aspects of the discussed theme.

This blog can serve also as a tool of communication and a possibility of establishing a discourse.

First two selected talks:
from MG archive
Jasna Koteska: Spaces Without Time
The talk was held as part of the Radical Education Conference (http://radical.temp.si/) from 28 – 29 November 2009 at the Moderna galerija, Ljubljana.

Text: Spaces without Time, Jasna Koteska

recomended talk
Jacques Ranciere: Is the time of Emancipation over
This recommended talk was held in the frame of „SCHOOL AS IDEOLOGICAL ECONOMY APPARATUS“ organised by Delavsko punkerska univerza on 4 April 2010 in Klub Gromka, Metelkova Ljubljana

Jacques Ranciere from Delavsko – punkerska univerza on Vimeo.

Both talks share a critical approach towards recent sociopolitical changes and changes in our perception of time and space.

Ranciere’s talk concentrates on the question Is the time of emancipation over? and develops a thesis that change of times does not mean things get older and stop existing but, that the existence of things is possible or impossible. He describes time as a global process which determines the possible and the impossible. Today we are in the presence of nothingness or in the presence of what Ranciere calls „democratic anestesia“.

Jasna Koteska in her talk, on the contrary, defines the difference between a capitalist and a communist perception of time. Communist regimes tried to restart the time, capitalists, on the other hand, manipulated with the perception of time in a way that they divided time into a linear sequence of units. Manipulation with the time is inherent in all the totalitarian systems because the ideology is ruling the space via the notion of time – distortion or absence.

Koteska: „In the virtuality of the late capitalism, space is organized as non-space and time as non-time…“ Ranciere claims that today we live in the „present of nothingness“, in the time of intelectual counter-revolutinon, not in the post time but in countertime.

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